What is a crypto stamp? What is a crypto stamp?

What is a crypto stamp?

A crypto stamp is a wonderful fusion between the physical or material world, the online or digital world and the new Web3 world. A crypto stamp consists of 3 parts: It’s a real postage stamp that has a digital image and a ‘digital twin’ NFT. This digital twin is combined with an NFT on the blockchain which makes it unique and highly collectible

  • The physical postal crypto stamp is accompanied by a digital representation image of the stamp and a so-called digital twin NFT with unique characteristics. These are unique limited editions that make them collectible. It is also possible to add utilities or extras to the NFT making them even more unique and giving them even more collectible value.

  • The digital twin of the stamp, the NFT, is stored on a blockchain, which guarantees the origin, authenticity and ownership of the stamp. The change of ownership and transaction history of each NFT is recorded on the blockchain and is thus immutably fixed.

  • Collectors can buy, collect, sell or trade the NFTs on various online marketplaces that support blockchain-based collectibles. The transfer transaction and ownership is recorded on the blockchain, thus providing a guarantee.